Discover the joy and growth your child can experience this summer with Marysville Martial Arts Spring, Summer and Winter Day Camps.

Designed for parents who value both fun and foundational skills for their children, our camps offer a unique blend of martial arts training, character development, and summer fun in Marysville, Washington.

Each day camp session is crafted to build confidence, discipline, and respect, while providing your child with memories that last a lifetime.

Engage in an adventure where learning meets excitement, fostering a summer experience your child will treasure. Join us to make this season unforgettable, creating a vibrant story of personal achievement and friendship.

YES! Our camps are open to non-members. Beginners are welcome and encouraged!


  • 10 am - 2 pm

  • Grades K-5th

  • Camp T-Shirt

  • 3 Daily Curriculum Classes

That's more than 1 month of class time!

  • Daily Bully Preparedness Class

  • Daily Weapons Class (nunchaku & staff)

  • Rubber Nunchaku

  • Daily Powerful Words Character Chat

  • Completion Certificate and Stripe

  • Only $197

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